Kupilka 21 Classic Cup - cranberry (red)

New product

  • A traditional kuksa cup made of a Finnish eco composite material - way
    better than a regular plastic cup, still virtually impervious to elements. You can do anything with this expect burn it or put it in the microwave.
  • Volume 2,1 dl; weight 83 g; Height 60 mm, diameter 93 mm, length 165 mm.
  • Can take both boiling water (+100°C) as well as -30°C temperatures.

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  • Can be hand or machine washed. Does not absorb smells or tastes: you can
    drink tea, coffee, water and booze from it!
  • Dyed with colours that are approved for food contact. There is no coating
    that would wear off during use. Made in Finland.

Our very own Kareline® natural fibre composite: Eco-friendly cellulose
fibres from certified Finnish forests reinforce the material with FDA
approved polypropylene used as an adhesive. (Ratio: 50% wood-based
cellulose fibres + 50% thermoplastic). Products from this material age
beautifully yet keeping their qualities. The development of Kareline®
natural fibre composite material was initiated by Puugia, the Centre for
Wood Technology in Joensuu, Finland. The products can be recycled,
incinerated for heat energy or returned to us for re-use. Kupilka is a
Finnish company through and through. They started to make the eco composite
material products in the early 2000's using green energy. This probably
gives you some idea of the values of said company. Those values correspond
with ours pretty well. Made in Finland!